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An amazing pair of sunnies, not only keep you shady and protected from the sun but also hides all the sins (oops!) Have you ever woke up being tired and dull?

Well, people should not see that the best you have to do is hide those eyes with your shades. Plus, they complete any outfit or create a style statement all of their own. The selection of the right sunglasses is very important, you don't wanna look awkward, of course.

We are here to help. First of all, define your face shape, this is the most important step towards the sunglasses selection.

Oval Face Shape: 

Let's be honest - you're extremely lucky having an oval face. You can actually wear any frame available at the market as almost anything suits you! Choose your sunglasses based on your attitude, you'll look awesome. Go for cat-eye if you don't already own enough, they'll look so avant-garde on you!

Square Face Shape:

A little tip for the square-faced people is that the shape of your sunglasses should be different from the shape of your face. As simple as that. So don't choose square frames, go for round, rectangle, cat-eye or aviators! Rock'em babe! 

Round Face Shape:

Same tip for you: The shape of your sunglasses should be opposite from the shape of your face. Don't go for round sunglasses, instead choose aviators, cat-eye and square shades!

Heart Face Shape:

We know that choosing the right sunglasses may be hard for you. Our tip here is that you should not choose big frames, as they will add extra weight to your face and your forehead. Go for light and simple frames, especially round and aviators. They are the perfect shape for you, you can't go wrong with classic shapes anyway!

But we're not over yet! Your Face Shape is not the only thing that will guide you in choosing your perfect pair. 

Consider your hair and skin tone: 

These two configurations are very important. Experimenting is the best way to find out what suits you better.

Think about your hair length and hairstyle :

Keep in mind that our hair hide a big part of our face. So short hair leave our bone structure completely exposed, while long hair can soften features.

Luckily, on you can find all the options, all the sunglasses shapes and above all, at the most affordable prices in the market.

Extra tip: We ship Worldwide!

Style should not break the bank. We really hope that this will help you find your perfect pair!