How we got inspired the DE-SUNGLASSES

How we got inspired the De-sunglasses brand

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How did you came up the DE-SUNGLASSES brand ?   

-E:  Everything started from a Trip in Rome, Italy. It was December of 2015 when we landed at Italy and we searched for some gorgeous pairs of shades at several stores in Rome, just for us.

-D: So many colors and shapes, but nothing extremely amazing for our faces. We suddenly came up an idea : we should create our very own collection of sunglasses! That was it, the beginning of an amazing career had just started!

What was your goal?

-D: Our mission, was very specific. We noticed the lack of affordable sunglasses at the global market. Our first collection set us apart by bringing you quality & amazing designs at amazingly fair prices. Were we the first brand who tried to do this? No. Were we the first one who succeed doing that? Yes.

So your brand is global! How did you expand it in such a short time?

-E: The funny thing, is that we are almost 3 years at the global market, and we have succeed in so many things, in such a small period. We were not afraid to sell our products worldwide, as the demand was high and we thought: Why not?  Our state of mind was that fashion should not break the bank!

What about the people behind it?

E:  It's us and our team. We have created a big team all over the world. At this point, we feel so grateful about everyone who has supported us through our journey. Our web development team, our graphic designers, our photographers & our marketing team. Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people for the best results. We're so happy that we have the most loyal partners.

And your social media?

D:  We're more than a sunglasses brand. We are a community of 150k supporters across our socials. Following us on Instagram is an amazing experience, as we share our love and passion for our work. Every picture posted on our 'gram has a story, but what really makes our content stand out is, i suppose, is the authenticity that we present.

What's your moto?

E: Born to impress, born to inspire and we keep going.

What should we expect from de-sunglasses in 2022?

D: At this moment, we are unstoppable. I mean, is there a better thing than fresh ideas and creativity? We are constantly working on the growth of our brand and the up-coming collections.We travel a lot, and every time we return, we already know our next step. It's kind of weird how a new country can inspire you in a great way.