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Spring is around the corner and you have to be extra stylish to welcome one of the best times of the year! 

Some people say, that sunnies have to be expensive to be good but let's make a further discussion on that. Is it true or just another myth that companies made-up to make more money?

Here's the truth: We are in the 21st century & we can be completely honest with you - Most of the brands tend to over-price their products by telling they are handmade or crafted, to justify their high prices. But what about the lenses? Do their sunglasses provide more UV protection just because they're expensive? No.

The fashion industry nowadays runs so fast that you just don't buy one pair of sunglasses per year, as people used to do. DE-SUNGLASSES selects high-quality lenses that provide hundred percent UV protection and keeps your eyes safe, no matter the pricede-sunglasses protection blog

A pair of sunglasses that protect your eyes is one that you should purchase. Don't forget to look for eye-protection like you're choosing the right sunscreen for your skin. Sun is gorgeous but could be very harmful for your eyes if you don't care for them.

Our customers, based on the latest research we made, tend to choose different styles of shades as one is never enough. You wear a different outfit every day, but how about shades? Do you choose the same every day? 

Sunglasses is and should be an approachable accessory that can complete every style you want to achieve - style should not break the bank! Is there a reason to purchase only one pair, when you can get more at the same price?!

Thank us later #debabes - New collection is on the way and believe us, it's massive!